New Site Design for

Riders and Insiders – what’s goin on tonight? Sorry for the new look and feel of the site. We have a lot of work to do to get a better design going but due to security reasons, we had to abandon the old design. Not sure how I feel about this one. It’s temporary, so I guess it will have to do for now. Yall stay visible out there. We’ll try to stay more visible here and on our YouTube site. We have more videos, but like I’ve said several times – – we’re really busy with work and I’m moving so yall sit tight. I promise more how to vidz are on the way and also some GoPro riding footage and tips and so on.

Hey if you post on our YouTube channel and not on the comments below the videos – – I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to reply. Better to comment on the videos and/or here on the blog or ┬áhit us up through email: ┬áRobert@ (I’ll let you figure out the rest…

What’s up on MotoGP coming to Austin, Texas in a month!? We’ll be posting when we get back from the races. Also, AMA possibly coming next year in 2014! Can’t wait for a track day out there at COTA…

R1 Videos Updates – Back In The Saddle

Howdy fellow riders! It’s Wiski here, just wanted to give yall some updates since it’s been a while since we’ve posted and released any new videos.

Todd and myself both recently got new jobs with new companies, so getting adjusted has kept us both pretty busy. I am also in the middle of moving out of my rent house and into a more permanent solution so that means Battle Stations will finally be staying put for longer than a year! This means no more distractions with jobs and finding places to live so we can get back to getting more sportbike videos, how-to videos, and so on filmed, cut, mastered, and released for you guys.

We have a long list of videos to produce, pics and posts stacking up, and hopefully deals and/or discounts from some retailers on the way. So if you haven’t already, might as well sign up to be an R1Videos Insider. We will be releasing videos early to those that sign up, and trust me, we hardly ever send send any emails out so there’s nothing to lose. We’d like to get a newsletter going but who has the time!? PLUS – – we will NEVER sell your email address to a 3rd party – EVER – because we hate SPAM just as much as you do. We just want to be able to shoot you an email if we get a special discount or something cool comes along.

Guess that’s it. So sorry for the long delay in pushing out new content and new videos covering not only the Yamaha R1, but also gear, riding tips, reviews, and so on ! There is plenty to come when we get a chance to put it together and spit it out so hang in there with us. We are getting back in the saddle soon and will fire things back up as quick as we can!

Stay Visible,


Wiski & Todd