Encountering Drivers With Road Rage

Riders, let me say this: I never thought a driver of another vehicle other than a motorcycle would ever consider killing a motorcyclist. I will say, I don’t think drivers consider it, I think they just get road rage bad enough where they make stupid moves like the guy in this video. While we normally try not to post videos that we didn’t make ourselves, for your riding safety, you MUST see this video. I have experienced a few jerk drivers in my many years riding out on the open roads, but never like this. The scary thing is, when I have encountered other drivers that were pissed off that I passed them or got in front of them, I would mistakenly always say to myself when I saw them riding my tail, “What is he gonna do? It’s not like he’s gonna try to kill me!” And now I can safely say, I was wrong all these years. You NEVER know what idiot people will do when they get mad. So from now on, YES, there is a chance that the guy you just passed that got pissed off about it MIGHT try to kill you. I just want you to know that you should never cross this out as an option for those with road rage so keep an eye on them, burn out on them, move over, use the shoulder, whatever you have to do. If you notice a driver making threats to you with his vehicle, GET AWAY FAST and do so safely. Don’t give him more time to act and run you down, because you never know!! If you have a camera rolling, you could also report the driver to the Police. However, you do so at your own risk. As you can see, the driver of this vehicle got out with a crow bar, so your best bet might be to just get away.

This video is proof that something as simple as a passing the wrong driver could be fatal if you come across an idiot like this guy! This makes my blood boil. Keep those GoPro’s rollin!