Announcement: New Video Format

Howdy fellow riders and R1 owners! We are announcing a new video format that will hopefully allow us to crank out more how to videos. Instead of taking time to do video color corrections, audio, and other editing enhancements that take hours and hours to finish, we are instead going to switch formats. From now on our videos will still have all the expert tips, tricks, and information you need, however the quality of the videos themselves might be taken down a tick or two. We hope you do not mind because we still put a ton of work into each and everyone of our video projects here at We think this new approach will cut down on the time yall have to wait for more great DIY content! As always, feel free to comment and let us know what you think. We are on Facebook and other channels where you can connect with us. For a list of our official sites where you can get in touch with us, please click here

Stay visible,

Wiski and Todd | Team