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While there are many aspects to the “Rider Code” – which I have to admit, may not be official per se, but more of my own personal interpretation of what I think such a thing should or would be – I wanted to stop for a second to tell this short story from yesterday to illustrate just one of them.

I saw a rider broke down on the highway yesterday – pulled over and tried to help him figure out what was wrong. When we tried a few things that didn’t seem to work, we just put his bike in the back of my truck, and hauled his bike to his workplace across town. I was on my own way to work, so this made me late also – I am not fishing for kudos or compliments here, I’m just living by the code.

Motorcyclists always stop for other riders – by the way, this is the code for all bikes (not just bikers, or just sportbikes). We may not all ride together all the time (if ever), but we all look after each other. Every single time I’ve been broken down on the side of the road, not one but several riders stopped to ask if I was alright. That’s the way it should be. Regardless of what you ride be it a Yamaha R1 or a Harley-Davidson, a GSXR or a Cafe Racer. What the heck, I guess I’d even stop for a moped…but don’t tell anybody!

Peace to those with 2 wheel fever,

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  1. I can attest to this because i’m the one that Robert actually helped out. If it wsnt for Robert I probably would of had to have left my bike on the side of the road. For those of you who also ride, you know that is NOT an option. I think it is very important for us to keep an eye out for one another because you never know when its gonna happen to you. I really appreciate all you did for me Robert and I hope one day I can return the favor. I looked forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully i’ll have my bike up and running soon so I can head out to the convention on the 16th.

    • Aaron – glad to help! If you want to repay the favor, stop anytime you see a stranded motorcyclist and pass on the helping hand. Of course I have to say at your own risk. But yeah man, every time I was broke down on the side of the road, almost every rider stopped to see if I was OK. You can always get in touch with me by getting my contact info here on the site. Let me know if you plan on going out to the STx Motorcycle Expo. I will most likely end up out there at some point. Oh, and yeah man, your oil is definitely leaking out pretty bad. When I had the same problem, I found that my re-usable oil filter was just loose so hopefully in your case it’s nothing serious. Stay visible man! – Robert

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