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Hey what’s up Robert. I don’t know if you have this on your list of videos, but is there any way you can do a video on setting suspension? I don’t know if there is a predetermined setting on the front or back or both for different weight categories, but if there is and you know them, that would be super helpful. Shiny side up! – Brandon (R1 Insider)


There is no generic set up for everyone. I would recommend a book, “Sportbike Suspension Tuning” by Andrew Trevitt. Or take it to a suspension guy and have it set up for your riding style. However, every track will have different settings and different road riding will require changes as well. – Todd (R1 Videos)

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Rider Code

While there are many aspects to the “Rider Code” – which I have to admit, may not be official per se, but more of my own personal interpretation of what I think such a thing should or would be – I wanted to stop for a second to tell this short story from yesterday to illustrate just one of them.

I saw a rider broke down on the highway yesterday – pulled over and tried to help him figure out what was wrong. When we tried a few things that didn’t seem to work, we just put his bike in the back of my truck, and hauled his bike to his workplace across town. I was on my own way to work, so this made me late also – I am not fishing for kudos or compliments here, I’m just living by the code.

Motorcyclists always stop for other riders – by the way, this is the code for all bikes (not just bikers, or just sportbikes). We may not all ride together all the time (if ever), but we all look after each other. Every single time I’ve been broken down on the side of the road, not one but several riders stopped to ask if I was alright. That’s the way it should be. Regardless of what you ride be it a Yamaha R1 or a Harley-Davidson, a GSXR or a Cafe Racer. What the heck, I guess I’d even stop for a moped…but don’t tell anybody!

Peace to those with 2 wheel fever,

R1 Videos

Motorcycle Super Store Coupon Code

So far, my money is being spent at Motorcycle Superstore almost exclusively. We put their links here on the site because we use them and so far, we’ve never been anything but 100% satisfied! What does that mean for you? Well, here is another 1 time use promo / coupon code that I have laying around that needs to be put to good use. First to use this code, last to use it so you better hurry and buy NOW!

10% Discount Code only at AYB9N7RJNM
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R1 Videos is Looking for Bands

So you think your music rocks or would sound good in one of our videos? Prove it! Send us a song or two and an email stating you own your own music and have the right to license it to us for use and we’ll post it in a video, podcast, and more. It doesn’t matter if you are a DJ, metal, instrumental, or punk – we jam it all! Hey, we need cool music and you need all the eardrums you can get, right? We are in front of 1,000’s of riders and motorsport enthusiasts a month. If that sounds cool to you, contact me ASAP at Robert at

No worries, if you suck, we just won’t use your stuff until you practice up a bit more. And in the words of Ezel from Friday, “I ain’t gonna tellll nobody else!”

R1Videos – out.

Motorcycle Super Store Coupon Code

Just bought a couple caps from MotorcycleSuperStore and got a one time use coupon so I thought I’d share it. Sorry, this will go fast so first to use it will get 10% off. If it doesn’t work, you’re too slow!

Promo code:  AE77N6H67H (expires 3/31/12 – but it won’t make it that long)

Actually, I buy so much from them, I just found 2 more so 3 of you are in luck! You better buy now before these coupons get used up!

Promo code #2:  ST901RV1R3

Promo code #3:  SIWA94PYQP

If you used any of these and they worked (because you got to them first), please post a comment so others know not to waste their time trying to use them. Let everyone know if you used #1,2, or 3. Just thought I’d share the love and as always, Motorcycle Super Store is a great place to get your parts, gear, and apparel.


Fellow R1 Insider Orbie’s Crash Pics

It’s not “IF” you are going to go down, it’s “WHEN.” Orbie sent these over so thank God he made it out of this mess in one piece. To our beginners and pros, always wear your safety gear no matter what. That one time you need it will make all the hot and sweaty rides worth it. We here at R1Videos are commuters through rain, cold, and Texas heat and always stay protected. Anyways, sorry for your loss Orbie, maybe your next bike will be a Yamaha R1!

R1 Insider Brandon Picks Up His First Yamaha R1

A new friend and fellow R1 Insider Brandon picked up his first R1 a couple days ago so we wanted to officially welcome him into the worldwide club of sportbike riding! He has already started the mods on his 2005 YZF-R1 with a killer reservoir sock and he tells us that several other changes will be underway soon. Check out his new bike and leave a comment if you have any advice for him. Congrats Brandon! Now get some protective gear and start learning how to hang on to her.

Stay visible!

Blue 2005 R1


Encountering Drivers With Road Rage

Riders, let me say this: I never thought a driver of another vehicle other than a motorcycle would ever consider killing a motorcyclist. I will say, I don’t think drivers consider it, I think they just get road rage bad enough where they make stupid moves like the guy in this video. While we normally try not to post videos that we didn’t make ourselves, for your riding safety, you MUST see this video. I have experienced a few jerk drivers in my many years riding out on the open roads, but never like this. The scary thing is, when I have encountered other drivers that were pissed off that I passed them or got in front of them, I would mistakenly always say to myself when I saw them riding my tail, “What is he gonna do? It’s not like he’s gonna try to kill me!” And now I can safely say, I was wrong all these years. You NEVER know what idiot people will do when they get mad. So from now on, YES, there is a chance that the guy you just passed that got pissed off about it MIGHT try to kill you. I just want you to know that you should never cross this out as an option for those with road rage so keep an eye on them, burn out on them, move over, use the shoulder, whatever you have to do. If you notice a driver making threats to you with his vehicle, GET AWAY FAST and do so safely. Don’t give him more time to act and run you down, because you never know!! If you have a camera rolling, you could also report the driver to the Police. However, you do so at your own risk. As you can see, the driver of this vehicle got out with a crow bar, so your best bet might be to just get away.

This video is proof that something as simple as a passing the wrong driver could be fatal if you come across an idiot like this guy! This makes my blood boil. Keep those GoPro’s rollin!


For Questions and Contacting R1Videos

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Motorcycle Super Store Promo Coupon

Hey everyone, hope all is well. Here is a promo coupon from Motorcycle Super Store that should save you some serious cash for this upcoming riding season. Might as well get a jump on that Spring weather and take advantage of the savings during the off season while prices are low.

Click on the coupon below to get the deals and use the code at checkout:

Jackets under $150 at Motorcycle Superstore!

Stay visible my friends,

Team R1 Videos


We have our first listing from a fellow R1 rider way down undaaaaa in Australia. This listing is from MetlHead37 and we are just posting his link to help him connect with potential buyers.

(We do not have anything to do with this sale so please direct all transactions and questions to him at his listing)

To see his Galfer Custom Wave Rotors Chromed listing, click HERE and HERE.


He also says, mention you saw it on and he’ll give you a discount on the price! Good luck to buyer and seller.

(Want us to list or link to your parts, accessories, or sportbike that you are trying to sell? See this post and then let us know!)

Get your fix,

Team R1 Videos

Got a Motorcycle You Need to Sell?

What up everyone? I just got to thinking we have this little project going nicely and already get about 1,000 page views a month and climbing from all over the world. So why not share a little bit of the love back with our fans and readers?

That said, here’s the deal. If for some terrible reason you find yourself having to sell your motorcycle (or any parts), we will gladly help. Just shoot us your links, pics, location, mileage, contact info, and asking price and we will post your info right here in the blog to help you sell it! Can’t hurt to get as many eyeballs on your listing as possible, right? And if we post it here, you can even link back to your post here on R1Videos.

Speaking of which, if you already have it posted, say on Craig’s List, then just send us the link and we will post that for you.

Please note: If you see a listing for a bike (of any kind) or R1 or any parts here on the site, just know that we are not endorsing the seller or the items. Buy at your own risk. – – Sorry, we have to say that. Also, we won’t be answering any questions for any of the sportbikes you see for sale here so you will have to contact the seller directly.

To get your listing up on the site, please send all info in an email to:

Stay visible!

R1 Videos Team

R1 Videos Crashed

See, it’s not if you’re gonna crash, it’s when! Good thing (or not) it was only the site that crashed and burned this time! Sorry for the inconvenience as the site updates did not care much for the system updates and the whole thing went kaput. Even worse, I have to admit we didn’t even catch it for the past 2 days. Speakin of crashing, we have some pics coming soon of a new friend and fan’s crash so check back for that.

Since we’re on the subject of crashing – here is a safety/riding tip for you before I go:

You should always have on your person (your pocket, backpack, etc) a card or folded piece of paper with the following in case of emergencies:

  1. Put it in your wallet where it can be seen immediately upon opening your wallet – I wrote in big red letters “EMERGENCY”
  2. Also add your Blood Type as this is probably the most important thing if you really bust your ass
  3. That card/paper should include: Your name (so it matches your driver license), Emergency contact name and number
  4. You might also add other emergency contacts – I added my mom, and my girlfriend because my parents are out of town and if it’s serious enough (sorry to be so morbid) then I at least want someone to come to the hospital as soon as possible!
  5. Be sure to include a line that says what meds you take and what allergies to meds (if any) you have
  6. I included my driver license number in case I loose my ID – at least I still have it on this card/paper
  7. I highly recommend you also jot down your License Plate # and your VIN # – just so you will have it in case your bike gets jacked while you are in a store or watchin’ the GP races at Bikini’s or something. It’s good to have handy when you call the cops as fast as you can so they can look out for it.

This is how mine looks: Emergency Card Emergency Card example



Stay visible out there! – Team R1Videos

R1 Videos Needs Bands and Music

Got band? Do yall (or they) kick ass? If you think it would go great in our videos with our content, then we need you to contact us. We will promote your socks off if we like your stuff. Contact:  Robert AT

So far our videos have over 5,000 total views on YouTube. We need music, and BANDS need exposure, reach, and eyeballs. You must have full control over licensing to work with us. No contracts, no bullshit. Just solid music to play in the garage in the background and during intros to our videos.

Send us links, contact info, and assurances that if we choose your band, we can use your music and your label won’t trip or sue us.

To bands and our fellow riders out there – – Stay Visible!


New Video “How To Flush Coolant System 2004 2005 2006 R1”

For several months we have been battling this finicky little punk of a video. First the sizing then the co/decs and aspect ratio, and on initial upload to YouTube – – an audio malfunction. Finally we are pleased to announced we’ve worked out the kinks, just to help YOU save money and have fun while doing your repairs on your own Yamaha R1.

So please, check us out on Facebook and YouTube and like, comment, and subscribe if you want us to continue shooting these videos for you!

In this video, we show you the best way to flush your coolant system in a 2004 2005 or 2006 R1. Put another way, this is how you service the radiator and change out old or bad fluids and antifreeze. Since we are in Texas, and the R1 already runs hot, we chose to remove the antifreeze and fill ‘er back up with Distilled water and a little helper product called “Water Wetter.” Careful here, as Distilled water and Water Wetter do not have any antifreeze qualities that we know of. However, you can always refer to your owners manuals (or see our Manuals Page here) to refill your R1 with antifreeze.

Here is the video, if you prefer to see only videos without our ramblings, just click on our R1 Videos page here.


See more of our How To Videos on our YouTube Channel here.

Riding Tips for All Street Riders

Riding a motorcycle is fun, saves you money on gas, and gets you instant access to the “brotherhood.” Did you notice how often bikers and sportbike riders of all kinds wave or show love to other riders passing by before you got your bike? I didn’t until I got my first Yamaha FZR-600 12 years ago. Now I find myself feeling bad if a rider passes on the other side of the lane or highway without me noticing him or her in time to give a fist, a nod, a rock on sign, or throwing up the deuce.

Where am I going with this? Whether you’re riding an R1 or cruiser, have 2 days or 12+ years of experience (and no, dirt biking as a kid doesn’t count), riding a motorcycle on the street is extremely dangerous! And I want all our fans from around the world – – all riders for that matter – – around for years to come to keep on riding and loving it out there on the open road or track. That said, soon we will start a series of videos showing street riding tips for all levels and ages. You will see the techniques we’ve used to get safely to and from work every single day in all kinds of weather, so you too can beat the odds of becoming road kill. Trust me, I’ve been side swiped, stopped on, cut off, crisscrossed (uhh, whatever that could mean), he-hawed, jack-knifed, flip flopped, ok, you get the picture. Trust me, no matter how bad ass you think you are, there is an idiot out there just waiting to kill you.

Everyone knows, and if you don’t listen up – – “It’s not IF you are going to go down, it’s WHEN!!” And the minute you think you are the race god super king of bad assedness and don’t continue to respect the road or track, that is when you wipe out or get run over like in the game Frogger.

So here is a set of things I will leave you with to start off the new section of Street Safety and proper riding tips.

Did you know:  60% of deaths on motorcycles occur within the first 600 miles due to the rider not knowing the limitations and handling variances of his or her motorcycle? Ride YOUR ride, and KNOW YOUR BIKE!!

  • Always wear your helmet and proper safety gear. No matter what. You look like a jackass on an R1 in flip-flops and sunglasses and it says, “I can’t ride worth nothin’ and have no idea what I’m doing on this bike but being a squid.” If we can wear a full padded jacket and gear in the 105 degree Texas heat all summer long, so can you! Read more Riding Tips for All Street Riders Welcomes 2012

Hey everyone, we wanted to say welcome to 2012 and welcome to our second year here at Ok, we haven’t really been around for 2 years, but we started out in 2011 and now we’re excited to start ramping things up for 2012. There will be many more how to videos, parts review videos, and gear review videos. is not just for Yamaha R1 riders – it’s a place for all riders – – even those of you that haven’t quite saved up the money for your first R1 or first motorcycles yet. We got two new GoPro Hero 2 cameras so we will also be doing some instructional and safety videos with street riding tips and much more. We’re also planning to fully cover MotoGP in Austin, Tx at the new Track of the Americas so you won’t wanna miss that.

Anyways, good luck in 2012! Keep the rubber side down or whatever they say. Stay out of trouble if you can help it and stay visible out there.

Oh, and if you want to know when the latest videos are released, just sign up to be an “Insider.” I think we might start making some of our content and videos private and only for those that have the links to the private videos (which we will send out to our “Insiders” via email when we have private “R1 Insiders” only videos) so sign up and “Get your fix!!”

Peace for a change! – Team


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Update:  Still don’t have any takers for the FREE factory windscreen and factory Break/Clutch levers set. I guess that’s a good thing, means there haven’t been any bad spills for our readers. If you missed it though, read more here.

Video update:  “How To Flush Coolant System 2004-2006 R1” video is 99% complete. We are having problems in post with encoding. No worries, we should be able to solve the issues and release the DIY video this week. Sign up to be an R1 Videos Insider and you’ll be notified the minute it goes live. Speaking of which, welcome to our first official Insider: Roberto!

To sign up, see the top right corner of the homepage at or for our mobile readers with the QR Code app, go here: QR Code

Firstgear Thermo One-Piece Suit Quick Review

This isn’t the full official review we plan to do on this Firstgear Thermo One-Piece Suit since we are running low on time while trying to edit and publish our newest video, “How To Flush Coolant System 2004-2006 R1.” But I just got back from a Texas cold 34 degrees ride for about 40 mins and I had to give it some proper love. I know that ain’t cold for a lot of you, but for us Texans it sure is!

I just got this Firstgear suit about a month ago form Motorcycle-Superstore, and here is the breakdown:

  1. Anything above 60 degrees out and you will cook in it
  2. It is priced just right at $170 – worth every penny because it just works in the cold
  3. Has 3 pockets (that I am aware of) that Velcro shut and are big enough for several items
  4. It keeps you really warm – I mean, jeans and T-shirt under it and you are fine in 35 degrees at 70 mph
  5. T wore his during a below freezing commute and said he was fine in his
  6. 100% water proof – for those cold rainy days


Click image for details or to buy

We will do a full video review on this cold weather riding suit when we get a chance so check back. It’s already getting wicked cold so you might just want to pick one up now. It’s the best piece of winter riding gear we both own! – R1 Street Riding Tip

When riding an R1 in the rain or on a worn out street, be careful when you downshift and quickly accelerate to change lanes and/or pass another vehicle. The R1 is a monster and is very powerful – – the rear tire can actually spin out and slip on you from the torque which could cause you to lose traction and slide or fall. I’ve spun my rear tire going 70 MPH on the highway before so although it’s not common in hot or dry weather, it can happen.

In the rain? You better hang on and shift easy because it’s very difficult for new riders to control their traction. Once you ride enough, you won’t experience this problem except for slippage around tight corners for instance, when you bust a U turn under an overpass.

However my friends – the 2012 Yamaha comes with Traction Control so this is only a tip that will help you on older bikes.

Has anyone ridden the 2012 R1 yet? Let us know what you think of the traction control in the comments  either here, on our YouTube channel, Twitter, or Facebook page.

Stay visible!

FREE! 2004 R1 Clutch / Break Levers Set and a Factory Windscreen

I have at set of stock break levers off my 2004 Yamaha R1 and the original clear factory windscreen that I’d like to GIVE to a fellow rider in need. So if you or anyone you know has taken a spill or had your bike kicked over in the parking lot (happened to me three times over the years) and you are a bit strapped for cash but need to get back out there, then let me know and

I will send you the levers, windscreen, or both for FREE!

Here’s what to do:

Be the first one (for both parts) or first 2 for each of the parts to email me at:  Robert at with the following Read more FREE! 2004 R1 Clutch / Break Levers Set and a Factory Windscreen

Motorcyle Superstore Coupon Code

Just thought I would share this because I have Motorcycle-Superstore on my Christmas list so I won’t be using the coupon myself. Plus I already bought my Firstgear cold/rain suit for winter commuting. (We’ll be posting a review video at some point when there is time.)

That’s right – instead of including it on my list for my fam to use when getting me the goods, I will post it here for all of you to save $5.00! Well, unless it is a one time use – then it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Hey, it’s worth a try either way, right? Coupon / Discount code:  S0W1DPQ4V (best to copy and paste it) that is a zero after the “s” Exp: 12/14/11
Click on this banner to get your Christmas savings on:

Motorcycle Superstore New Video – “How To Clean a Reusable Oil Filter”

We got a comment on our YouTube channel that said our Expert Oil Change video was great, but the viewer wanted us to go one step further to make a video showing how to clean the Flo reusable oil filter that we installed in that video. So without further adieu, here is our latest DIY video for all you riders out there with the aftermarket reusable oil filters: “ How To Clean a Reusable Oil Filter”

Thanks for joining us again right here at where we work hard so you can “Get Your Fix!”


More videos on our official YouTube channel here.