GoPro Helmet Mount How To – with Drift Microphone

How To Mount GoPro HD Hero2 to Helmet

Here is how I mounted my GoPro HD Hero2 to my helmet for the best POV footage. I call it the “updside down left eye GoPro POV helmet mount” or UDLE (?) GoPro Helmet Mount. Whatever. Anyways, I will do a video soon to show you the steps on how this is done, but I wanted to at least get some pics up to help everyone out in the meantime. What you will see in the pictures is how I screwed up the first time and put the mount on the wrong side of the helmet. For the best POV shot you can get, put the mount on the left side of the helmet (under your left eye) which is the right side when you are looking straight at your helmet.

Once you set the mount  (it’s best to let it set for 24 hours to make sure it sticks) as pictured, then you should line the top of the mount with two strips of black electrical tape. I will have to show this also because it’s simple, but you might not get it without seeing what I am talking about. Do not overlap the tape as that will be too thick – just go 1 strip thick with the strips side by side down in the mount. This will help keep your GoPro from getting those annoying vibrations.

Then you will snap in the “J hook” and attach the other pieces. Forgive me for not remembering if you need extra attachments for this job. I have 2 GoPro video cameras, so I had plenty of attachments to choose from. Follow the pics here to complete the mount.

The last step is to attache the “skeleton case” which will  be mounted to your helmet upside down. This gets the eye of the GoPro closest to the center of your helmet for the best POV. Remember: you must put your GoPro in the “upside down” setting since it will be mounted upside down. This is simple to do, just follow your instructions manual.

How To Mount Drift Mic in your helmet with GoPro

Finally, if you have an external Drift condenser microphone for vlogging or capturing audio (engine noise, etc) then you can plug that into the radio shack adapter and plug that into the GoPro. I highly recommend the Drift condenser microphone with the GoPro by the way. I wrapped the Drift cord around the lining of my helmet and was able to jam the mic into the front mouth vent of the helmet (see pics). I also secured the little foam piece to the mic and the mic to the gator clip with a twisty tie (again, that’s another post to better show you how I did this – coming soon).

I hope this helps you get started if you are daring enough to look at the pics and figure it out as you go. If not, no worries, I will do a video on the steps so that you can follow along and have the best GoPro mount for your helmet!

Thr 8/15/12 update: I did a live vlog/test ride today and will post the footage here tonight so you can see the angle that my UDLE GoPro Mount captures the footage. Standby…

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