5 Tips For Using a Torque Wrench

You need a torque wrench.

Why? Because lock nuts that are too tight are just as bad as those that are too loose. Loose lock nuts vibrate off and over tightening them can stretch the bolt. When you mod your Yamaha R1 or perform routine maintenance, there are many times when you will need to torque down to a very specific value. See for yourself in the R1 Manuals section. Once you pick one up, come back to this post for these 5 tips for using a torque wrench:

  1. Always keep your torque wrench in a protective case (it’s actually somewhat of a fragile tool)
  2. Get a click type torque wrench and don’t trust torque sticks
  3. A center foot pound range closest to the torque value you need is most accurate – if you need 50 foot pounds then use a torque wrench with a 20 to 80 foot pound range (instead of a 5 to 150 foot pound range for instance)
  4. STOP when it clicks
  5. When you are finished, always put the setting back to the lowest value (leaving it at a high value will make it less accurate over time)

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