Pic of Gary’s 2010 Yamaha R1 From Down Unda!

Here is a picture of our mate Gary’s R1 from The Out Back! It’s long over due, and we apologize for the darn near half year delay, but definitely wanted to share his pics of his new 2010 R1!

Gary, thanks for your continued support and for joining us as an R1 Insider. It’s been cool as h3ll reading your emails and hearing your stories from Down Unda (hope I got that right!?). Anyways, we Texans have mad respect for you Aussies so cheers to you and yours. Now for the email you sent in back in July of 2012:

Thanks Robert  Free support for the R1 Thank You.

Love this bike so much, I have carbon fibre pipes on it now and it goes like a rocket. Haven’t really been able to use all the house power it has as the roads in Brisbane are in bad repair after the flood. Also I’m worried about losing my license on it, and that would kill me. Believe me when I say that this could have happen so many times now, but I’ve been lucky.

I’m always clicking up to the next gear and backing off in amazement of the power it has.

I’ve read the reviews and I don’t care what they say, this bike is all that I want.

Excellent workmanship and I only wish we could build something like this here in Australia. 

Plugs this weekend and a new K&N air filter, I’m going to be in trouble.

Cheers Gary 

Gary's 2010 Yamaha R1
Gary’s 2010 R1
R1 Insider Gary from Australia
Gary’s 2010 R1

2004 Silver Yamaha R1 with Green Wheels

Painted my wheels green (forest green) on my 2004 Silver Yamaha R1. The color looks a tad bit blue from the camera and the white, winter, late-afternoon sunlight. But in better sunlight, my wheels look more black with deep hints of green. I thought I would share because when I was thinking about what color would go with the Silver R1, I couldn’t find any pictures with green wheels.

I also posted this pic to our Facebook page here so you can chime in and tell me if you like the green wheels on the silver R1. Or, tell me what I should have gone with instead, or even hate on it.

Stay visible out there  – – WiskiForrest Green Wheels on Silver 2004 Yamaha R1

R1 Videos Team Headed To Track Day

With a few minor snags in the preparations for a track day coming up on Sunday in College Station, TX, we finally got everything loaded up and ready late tonight. It’s gonna be a hot day out there on the track  come Sunday (if it doesn’t rain) but who cares because after all, IT’S A TRACK DAY!

We plan to come back and put together a complete list of items to bring to your track day because 1. there are a few items you don’t want to leave home without so having this list will make it quick and easy to get everything packed up, and 2. we lost our old list so we need to do a new one anyway. Since we just got in from getting things packed up, here is a preliminary list of things you should consider taking to your track day. Check back later as we will upload a word doc or excel sheet with all the items you should bring to the race track.

List of what to bring to a track day:

  1. Cooler with bottled water (or like the Water Boy says, “High quality H2O”) and Gatorade or other sports drinks with electrolytes – a good idea is to start getting hydrated several days before you plan to hit the track
  2. Folding chairs for resting and hanging out in-between riding sessions
  3. Fan for cooling off and drying off
  4. Extension cord(s) and power strips
  5.  Long sleeve top by Starter brand – go with Starter brand top to save a bit of cash as it works just as well as Under Armour and can be picked up at your local Wal-Mart
  6. Under Armour – full leggings (bottoms) – these will also serve as your undies so you don’t need to wear both (Starter didn’t have the leggins that we could find so we got these from Amazon)
  7. Leathers (1 piece suit recommended but may or may not be mandatory – check with the track day organizers)
  8. Helmet – DOT and SNELL approved highly recommended – don’t bring a $50 lid that was made in a sweat shop by a machine as there really is a difference in top quality, hand-made helmets. We both went with Arai from the professional lid makers in Japan.
  9. Gloves with gauntlets (that cover the wrists) go with leather and get a good quality glove – we chose AlpineStars GP Pro
  10. Boots
  11. Spine protector to wear under leathers – some folks go with a chest protector also
  12. Tall socks – we went with AlpineStars socks that come up to the knee
  13. Painters tape or duct tape (to cover your headlights, taillights, flush-mounted blinkers and to  put the track decal on top)
  14. Bike stands
  15. Gas can(s) with gas – we brought 1 each (also good idea to remember to fill up the bike itself before you load them up in the trailer)
  16. Snacks, beef jerky, power bars and other energy packed foods (trail mix, nuts, etc)
  17. Bring your driver license
  18. Go with a buddy (if you crash, he can pack and bring your stuff and call your family in an emergency)
  19. Bike – some folks have actually forgotten their bikes – no clue how this could happen, but I guess it still does
  20. And for Pete’s sake – DON’T FORGET YOUR MOTORCYCLE KEY!! This happens quite a bit from what I hear.

Better list with more info coming eventually, but this will get you started. Ride safe and have a blast! After all, on the track you can’t get busted by the POlice or Johnny Law or them law dogs, or the hate, or PoPo’s, or the 5-0, or… you get the idea!

Yamaha R1 loaded in Race Trailer for Track Day

R1 Insider Brandon Picks Up His First Yamaha R1

A new friend and fellow R1 Insider Brandon picked up his first R1 a couple days ago so we wanted to officially welcome him into the worldwide club of sportbike riding! He has already started the mods on his 2005 YZF-R1 with a killer reservoir sock and he tells us that several other changes will be underway soon. Check out his new bike and leave a comment if you have any advice for him. Congrats Brandon! Now get some protective gear and start learning how to hang on to her.

Stay visible!

Blue 2005 R1