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Hey what’s up Robert. I don’t know if you have this on your list of videos, but is there any way you can do a video on setting suspension? I don’t know if there is a predetermined setting on the front or back or both for different weight categories, but if there is and you know them, that would be super helpful. Shiny side up! – Brandon (R1 Insider)


There is no generic set up for everyone. I would recommend a book, “Sportbike Suspension Tuning” by Andrew Trevitt. Or take it to a suspension guy and have it set up for your riding style. However, every track will have different settings and different road riding will require changes as well. – Todd (R1 Videos)

It’s that easy to “Get Your Fix!” Welcomes 2012

Hey everyone, we wanted to say welcome to 2012 and welcome to our second year here at Ok, we haven’t really been around for 2 years, but we started out in 2011 and now we’re excited to start ramping things up for 2012. There will be many more how to videos, parts review videos, and gear review videos. is not just for Yamaha R1 riders – it’s a place for all riders – – even those of you that haven’t quite saved up the money for your first R1 or first motorcycles yet. We got two new GoPro Hero 2 cameras so we will also be doing some instructional and safety videos with street riding tips and much more. We’re also planning to fully cover MotoGP in Austin, Tx at the new Track of the Americas so you won’t wanna miss that.

Anyways, good luck in 2012! Keep the rubber side down or whatever they say. Stay out of trouble if you can help it and stay visible out there.

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Peace for a change! – Team – Get R1 Videos, Pics, Tweets, & More

Hey everyone, just wanted to direct you to the right places if you are new and tell you about a page or two you might have missed if you’ve been to before.

We have a Yamaha R1 manuals page with plenty of R1 owners manuals, R1 service manuals, R1 assembly manuals, and a lone parts catalog for a 2004 R1. We are always adding more and more PDF manuals as we come across them. The purpose is to make sure that when you work on your own sportbike, you have the proper safety information to do it right. Here is our R1 Manuals page.

Check out the videos page where we list all of the do it yourself videos, how to videos, and video reviews. The best part about this page is that we don’t have posts or anything else, just the videos so you can Get Your Fix! Here is our R1 Videos page.

Our About page gives you some information about the purpose of our site, tells you how to contact us (shoot an email to Robert at, and some other goods like how to find us on other sites like YouTube and Twitter. Here is our About page.

We have an official YouTube channel, a Twitter page, and Flickr page so you can view R1 videos, pics, and more! We are expanding as we find the time, so there will be more on the way soon. We will also be setting up our Facebook page eventually.

If you missed our “ How To Expert Oil Change 2004 2005 2006 Yamaha R1” video, you can find it here in this post.

Another post a lot of riders and mechanics are viewing is the Yamaha R1 Periodic Maintenance and Lubrication Checklist

Here is a final link to the GoPro from our new sponsors Motorcycle Superstore. If you are going to shoot some videos of you and your Yamaha YZF-R1, then you will definitely want to grab a GoPro. We can’t wait to get one for Christmas!!

So there you have it! We are major fans of the Yamaha R1 – we ride em, race em, fix em, and work on them constantly. We are shooting these R1 Videos to help you take care of your sportbike and so you can Get Your Fix! 

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– R1 Videos Team

The All New Yamaha R1 Release Years

When working on your R1 or making custom mods, it is good to know which years the motorcycle was essentially the same bike.  The rule has been every 2 years except for the 2004-2006 R1 motorcycles where the bike was essentially the same release for 3 years instead of 2 years.

Here is a list of the years that the Yamaha R1 was basically the same superbike:

1998 – 1999

2000 – 2001

2002 – 2003

* 2004 – 2006 

2007 – 2008

2009 – 2010