Using the Drift Microphone with a GoPro

What’s up world? Hope everyone is riding safe out there and enjoying this warmer weather!

I just wanted to let yall know that I am still testing the new GoPro HD Hero2 cameras. I missed a shipment after moving so I am still waiting on the external microphones to arrive in the mail. Once I get them and test them out, we will do a video and post on how to use a Drift (that’s the brand) condenser microphone with the GoPro camera’s external microphone port using the skeleton case. The thing is, the Drift says it’s ONLY compatible with Drift cameras. That’s not true. The problem is that the Drift uses a 2.5 male jack and the GoPro uses a 3.5 female port. So what you have to do is order a small converter wire.

However, not just any converter will do and they all look the same and are generally described the same when you shop for them online. You need one that will convert and transmit sound that is microphone compatible. Most are NOT mic compatible and only do audio sound say when you want to convert the ports for using a headset or earphones. I did find one that I believe will work, but I want to be sure and test it first. Once I do, I’ll do a video review to let everyone know how to get the best microphone (Drift) for using with your GoPro external mic port. I’ll show you the best setup for a mic in your helmet for vlogging and also how to get the best sound from your engine without the clicking and wind sounds. Trust me, I’m doing some extensive testing to show you exactly how to get out there and film and record audio straight out of the box so you don’t have to hunt all over the internet to learn how to set this all up.

More to come. Stay visible. And check back to “Get Your Fix!”

– Robert with Team

Firstgear Thermo One-Piece Suit Quick Review

This isn’t the full official review we plan to do on this Firstgear Thermo One-Piece Suit since we are running low on time while trying to edit and publish our newest video, “How To Flush Coolant System 2004-2006 R1.” But I just got back from a Texas cold 34 degrees ride for about 40 mins and I had to give it some proper love. I know that ain’t cold for a lot of you, but for us Texans it sure is!

I just got this Firstgear suit about a month ago form Motorcycle-Superstore, and here is the breakdown:

  1. Anything above 60 degrees out and you will cook in it
  2. It is priced just right at $170 – worth every penny because it just works in the cold
  3. Has 3 pockets (that I am aware of) that Velcro shut and are big enough for several items
  4. It keeps you really warm – I mean, jeans and T-shirt under it and you are fine in 35 degrees at 70 mph
  5. T wore his during a below freezing commute and said he was fine in his
  6. 100% water proof – for those cold rainy days


Click image for details or to buy

We will do a full video review on this cold weather riding suit when we get a chance so check back. It’s already getting wicked cold so you might just want to pick one up now. It’s the best piece of winter riding gear we both own!