CRG Levers for 2006 Yamaha

Hey everyone, been a while! Still trying to catch up at home so we can both focus on R1Videos again. This post is for a YouTuber that commented in wanting to know where we got our gold CRG levers. Well, I can’t recall but I can tell you that if I had to buy them today, I’d get them at RevZilla. Bought some A-Stars gloves from their site a couple months ago and was pleased as usual. So iddtapthat (cool user name by the way) – here are the levers at RevZilla. Just click the image and check em out.

We highly rec the “shorty” and not the “standard” length. The shorties are much better and actually safer for you while riding. That’s another story Todd can share some other time, so just trust us – always go with the shorties. So everyone, if you have standard clutch and brake levers, it’s a good time to think about shortening them up. Plus, by clicking the link/image below, you are supporting R1Videos – not by much but every bit helps!

iddtapthat – here is what you were looking for (click the image to check em out at RevZilla); you will need 1 CRG “clutch” lever (shorty), and 1 CRG “brake” lever (shorty)
CRG Roll-A-Click Clutch Lever Yamaha (Color: Gold / Type: Shorty)

How To Remove Install Windscreen Yamaha R1

Finally, our latest how to video, How To Remove Install Windscreen Yamaha R1 is finished and ready for the public. We hope this helps you take off that stock windscreen and put on your new after market windscreen on that new Yamaha R1 of yours.

2 Things You Should Know:

  1. Going forward, all videos will be sent out to the R1Videos Insiders first before they go public so sign up!
  2. In case you missed it, we have a Videos Page with all our videos in order they were dropped so you can cut to the chase.

If you have questions, contact us and I will answer them myself (email Robert) or I will forward them over to Todd (guy in the videos) to get answer for you on anything R1 or gear related. Eventually, I will set up Todd’s email, but that cuts into editing time! Yall be easy out there.

How To Remove Install Windscreen Yamaha R1


2004 Silver Yamaha R1 with Green Wheels

Painted my wheels green (forest green) on my 2004 Silver Yamaha R1. The color looks a tad bit blue from the camera and the white, winter, late-afternoon sunlight. But in better sunlight, my wheels look more black with deep hints of green. I thought I would share because when I was thinking about what color would go with the Silver R1, I couldn’t find any pictures with green wheels.

I also posted this pic to our Facebook page here so you can chime in and tell me if you like the green wheels on the silver R1. Or, tell me what I should have gone with instead, or even hate on it.

Stay visible out there  – – WiskiForrest Green Wheels on Silver 2004 Yamaha R1