CRG Levers for 2006 Yamaha

Hey everyone, been a while! Still trying to catch up at home so we can both focus on R1Videos again. This post is for a YouTuber that commented in wanting to know where we got our gold CRG levers. Well, I can’t recall but I can tell you that if I had to buy them today, I’d get them at RevZilla. Bought some A-Stars gloves from their site a couple months ago and was pleased as usual. So iddtapthat (cool user name by the way) – here are the levers at RevZilla. Just click the image and check em out.

We highly rec the “shorty” and not the “standard” length. The shorties are much better and actually safer for you while riding. That’s another story Todd can share some other time, so just trust us – always go with the shorties. So everyone, if you have standard clutch and brake levers, it’s a good time to think about shortening them up. Plus, by clicking the link/image below, you are supporting R1Videos – not by much but every bit helps!

iddtapthat – here is what you were looking for (click the image to check em out at RevZilla); you will need 1 CRG “clutch” lever (shorty), and 1 CRG “brake” lever (shorty)
CRG Roll-A-Click Clutch Lever Yamaha (Color: Gold / Type: Shorty)

Warp Stabilizer in After Effects CS6 for GoPro Video Editing

Here is a GoPro video editing tip: So you got the GoPro and you took it out for a couple test rides. You think everything is cool, looks pretty good right? Well, that was probably around the block in the neighborhood. Once you hit the highways and various streets and pavements, things can get a bit dicey. The camera vibrates pretty bad at higher speeds like 60-75+. Here is one tip if you are pretty big into editing like we are.

We use Adobe’s Premiere Pro CS5. You can manually edit out all the vibrations and shaking in your footage by hand (if you have the time) in several video editing programs. HOWEVER, if you have the cash (or a teacher to hook you up with the student/educator discount from Adobe) then you can get After Effects 6.0 and remove all the shaky footage in the push of a button. After Effects CS6 does all the work for you automatically so you can have smooth videos (like the somewhat misleading GoPro commercials) with the push of one button. In AE CS6 this tool is called the “Warp Stabilizer” and works like a charm. Once we spring for the update from After Effects CS5 to CS6, we will show you plenty of our new GoPro videos along with a demo on using the Warp Stabilizer. If you have anything less than CS6 and you use Adobe, have fun doing all that work by hand! :(

Stay visible,

Wiski –

How To Use a GoPro HD Hero2 with a Drift External Condenser Microphone

After many purchases and tests, I have finally figured out how to make the Drift condenser microphone work with the GoPro HD Hero2 (even though Drift tried to say that their microphone only works with the Drift camera) so you can put the mic in your helmet to Vlog your thoughts away while you ride. It’s so simple I feel like an idiot and should have known better. All you need is an adapter from RadioShack to make the 2.5mm Drift male plug into your 3.5mm GoPro female.
Adapter for GoPro Hero2 and Drift condenser external mic
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To install or setup your microphone in your helmet, here are the parts you need:

  1. GoPro HD Hero2 camera
  2. GoPro Camera AHDSH-001 Skeleton Housing for HD Hero Camera
    (exposes the external mic port so you can plug the mic in)
  3. Drift Innovation Drift HD External Clip Mic HDCMIC (this can be bought separately and is made for using inside your helmet) as shown here on Amazon – just click on this image below to get the exact microphone we use in our videos and vloggs. The only place we could find it so far was on Amazon.
  4. RadioShack 3/32″ Stereo Jack to 1/8″ Stereo Plug Adapter (Model: 274-0397)

Excluding the GoPro and the HD Skeleton Housing, you are looking at about $25 for the adapter and mic. Then you will be ready to ride, video, and record audio all at the same time!

Check back as we will be showing you how to best set everything up so you can begin Vlogging your rides and commutes for fun and for safety purposes.


Drift mic + GoPro HD Hero2 + Headset Buddy = Failed

I’ve been testing the GoPro HD Hero2 (3.5mm female) with the Drift helmet microphone (2.5mm male). It doesn’t work (as noted by Drift). After researching tons of converter wires and reading tons of product descriptions and reviews, I finally found one that I thought would work. Headset Buddy. Wrong. It only works on mono mics like a cellphone. Doesn’t not work on GoPro because it’s stereo. Finally found one that says it will work. Ordered it so now I play the waiting game. COME ON GOPRO! NO HELMET MIC?? Somebody let me know when I can just order a condenser mic for inside my helmet when GoPro finally catches up with Drift.

Stay visible,

Robert – Team R1 Videos

Using the Drift Microphone with a GoPro

What’s up world? Hope everyone is riding safe out there and enjoying this warmer weather!

I just wanted to let yall know that I am still testing the new GoPro HD Hero2 cameras. I missed a shipment after moving so I am still waiting on the external microphones to arrive in the mail. Once I get them and test them out, we will do a video and post on how to use a Drift (that’s the brand) condenser microphone with the GoPro camera’s external microphone port using the skeleton case. The thing is, the Drift says it’s ONLY compatible with Drift cameras. That’s not true. The problem is that the Drift uses a 2.5 male jack and the GoPro uses a 3.5 female port. So what you have to do is order a small converter wire.

However, not just any converter will do and they all look the same and are generally described the same when you shop for them online. You need one that will convert and transmit sound that is microphone compatible. Most are NOT mic compatible and only do audio sound say when you want to convert the ports for using a headset or earphones. I did find one that I believe will work, but I want to be sure and test it first. Once I do, I’ll do a video review to let everyone know how to get the best microphone (Drift) for using with your GoPro external mic port. I’ll show you the best setup for a mic in your helmet for vlogging and also how to get the best sound from your engine without the clicking and wind sounds. Trust me, I’m doing some extensive testing to show you exactly how to get out there and film and record audio straight out of the box so you don’t have to hunt all over the internet to learn how to set this all up.

More to come. Stay visible. And check back to “Get Your Fix!”

– Robert with Team

How to tell the year of your R1 by reading VIN Number

So you are looking at an R1 or you want to buy an R1 and you are not exactly sure what the year is. The 2002 and 2003 look the same for the most part. All you have to do is read the VIN number on the right side under the handlebars. Count the numbers from top to bottom – when you get to the 10th digit, that is the year of the motorcycle.

So if the 10th digit of the VIN number is a 7, then that R1 is a 2007.

Also – nothing is worse than a rider that doesn’t wear proper safety gear. You look stupid. Don’t be a squid – invest in the proper gear for your ride – there is hot weather gear, cold weather gear, and everything in between. Best time to load up on protection is now during the holidays. I’ve been needing some cold weather gloves for quite some time and I’m going to buy my self a Christmas present before I buy anything for anyone else this year. Check out the link below if you are looking to save like we do!

Motorcycle Superstore’s Super Deal of the Day is back and better than ever!

Live to ride, stay safe out there, and stay visible!

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