GoPro Hero3 is Here!

The GoPro Hero3 is here and looks great (both the can and the footage it shoots). We do not have one to review yet but will definitely do a full review once we pick one up (or if anyone wants to send us one to review…). So if you are the first to get your hands on a GoPro Hero, then let us know how you like it!

30 Seconds of Safety Motovlogs Coming Soon!

We have some editing to do still but I wanted everyone to know that we have added to our video offerings with our new 30 Second Safety vidoes. These motorcycle riding safety tips will be for anyone that rides any style, brand, make, or model of motorcycle, sportbike, or even scooter. If you are on 2 wheels these short riding safety videos will help promote good riding and safety techniques. Stayed tuned while we edit the videos and we will start uploading soon. Finally – R1Videos Insiders will get access to the latest videos first going forward. So if you haven’t yet, you might want to sign up. See homepage top right corner to sign up.

MotoGP™ to race in Texas in 2013 at the Circuit of The Americas™

MotoGP™ to race in Texas in 2013 at the Circuit of The Americas™

[Press Release]

MotoGP comes to Circuit of The Americas COTAAUSTIN, Texas (Oct. 3, 2012) – Circuit of The Americas today announced that the world’s premier motorcycle racing World Championship, MotoGP™, will join its roster of racing events next spring with the three-day series set for April 19-21, 2013, at the purpose-built Grand Prix venue. With the addition of the MotoGP series, the new circuit will be the first North American racing venue to host both two-and four-wheeled World Championship events in one year’s time.

MotoGP, the pinnacle of all motorcycle World Championships, consists of 18 races in 13 countries on four continents with pan-global television coverage. Nine nationalities of the world’s most skilled riders, including current U.S. riders Colin Edwards, Ben Spies and 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden, compete with cutting-edge, prototype motorcycle technology produced by Ducati, Yamaha and Honda, as well as the new CRT regulation machines from the likes of FTR, Suter and Aprilia. The series traditionally holds three races, including Moto2 and Moto3 competitions, during each event for various classes of motorcycles based on engine size.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, chief executive officer for Dorna Sports, commercial rights holder for the MotoGP series, is extremely happy to add the Austin Circuit to the official MotoGP schedule. “We are excited to be working with Circuit of The Americas to expand our programming in the United States and bring our series to an exceptional new Grand Prix facility in Texas. We see tremendous opportunities to market MotoGP and grow its fan base through this agreement and know Circuit of The Americas is the right promoter to help us achieve that goal.”

Circuit President Steve Sexton added, “The Circuit of The Americas team is delighted to introduce yet another world-renowned racing series to our 2013 event calendar—one we know will be hugely popular with fans coming to experience MotoGP for the first time at our state-of-the-art sports and entertainment complex in Austin. MotoGP has a worldwide fan base with more than two million followers watching races in person each year. We’re confident it will be a great addition to our programming and draw tens of thousands of people to Central Texas, creating yet another major event with significant economic impact for our region. We want to extend our thanks to the Austin Sports Commission for its help in securing yet another first-class event for our city and for helping us become the first U.S. racing venue to host two World Championship motorsport events.”

MotoGP’s reach extends to more than 200 countries and territories that receive live or same-day delayed broadcasts of the MotoGP events, with the coverage delivered to more than 337 million households worldwide.

MotoGP 2006 World Champion Nicky Hayden, who hails from Kentucky, rides for the Ducati Factory Team and said he’s eager to try out the new Austin circuit. “It’s great for riders and fans to have another MotoGP event in the United States, and Circuit of The Americas will give us a chance to expose more of our homegrown fan base to MotoGP in an up-close-and-personal way,” Hayden noted. “I love competing at new, fresh tracks and am really looking forward to racing at the Austin circuit.”

Texan Colin Edwards races for the NGM Mobile Forward Racing team and their CRT project. The former World Superbike Champion said a MotoGP race at a new circuit just two hours from his home in Conroe, Texas (near Houston), means he can actually “drive to work” for a change. “Adding a race to the U.S. schedule makes a statement that MotoGP is working to expand it influence on American soil. The best way to grow our sport is to add races, and with events on the East and West Coasts—and now one in Middle America—it’s the perfect opportunity for more fans to see us in action. Plus, my family is really looking forward to jumping in a pick-up truck and driving up to Austin to see me compete.”

Rider Ben Spies, who calls Longview, Texas, “home,” is also excited about the 2013 schedule. “Who wouldn’t be excited to have a MotoGP race in their home state? I hope all of my CMRA, WERA and AMA racing friends and family storm the track. It will be so easy for me to cruise down to Circuit of The Americas from my house in Dallas.”

Tickets for the MotoGP event at Circuit of The Americas go on sale Oct. 16, 2012, will range in price from $133 to $199 and be available for purchase through Ticketmaster. Patrons with Circuit of The Americas Personal Seat Licenses will receive price discounts on MotoGP tickets. For more information, visit

About Circuit of The Americas

Circuit of The Americas will be a world-class destination for performance, entertainment, education and business. It will be the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the United States designed for any and all classes of racing, from motor power to human power, and be the U.S. home to the 2012 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX™ Nov. 16-18.

The Circuit of The Americas’ master plan features a variety of permanent structures designed for business, education, entertainment and race use. Its signature element will be a 3.4-mile circuit track. Other support buildings will include an expansive outdoor live music space, a conference center, a banquet hall as well as a state-of-the-art medical facility. Future proposed amenities include a driving/riding experience, a motorsports driving club, kart track, grand plaza event center and tower, and a trackside recreational vehicle park. For more information and downloadable video, audio and photos, visit:

About MotoGP

Established as a World Championship by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) in 1949, MotoGP is now into its 63rd year. It is the pinnacle of motorcycle championships in the world and the premier-class of three racing classes that take to the track on a typical Grand Prix weekend. MotoGP has been administrated by commercial rights holder Dorna Sports under the supervision of governing body, the FIM, since 1992.

MotoGP has a rich history with Grand Prix events having taken place in every corner of the world. Italy, Japan, Great Britain, Spain, the United States and Australia are just some of the nationalities that have produced high numbers in terms of race victories and world titles in its long history. Information about MotoGP can be found online at

MotoGP Comes To Austin Texas!

MotoGP has finally released the dates for the races at the new Circuit of The Americas racetrack in Austin, Texas. Tickets go on sale Tuesday October 16th, 2012 (10/02/2012). The MotoGP races in Austin, Tx will be held April 19th – 23st, 2013.

For more info and track layout:

Yeee haw, boys and girls!! This is the best news ever! Can’t WAIT for track days…

Coupon GoPro HD Hero2 $50 OFF Sale – Motorsports Edition

Looking for a coupon for the GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition? Well I just saw this in my email and thought I’d share. Expires SEPT 3, 2012 so hurry! Yes, we are affiliates of RevZilla because we shop with them quite a bit and have had nothing but great experiences with them. If you are in the market for a GoPro to shoot videos of your rides or to vlog (cam with a mic in your helmet shot POV style), you can’t go wrong here. Help support R1Videos and click this coupon to buy now. Thanks all!
Save $50 off the amazing GoPro HD Hero2 Camera – Motorsports Edition, This offer end 9/3/12 so take advantage now. Eligable for FS & ZillaCash

By the way, this purchase will be eligable for FS & ZillaCash!

Stay Visible,

R1Videos Team

GoPro Helmet Mount How To – with Drift Microphone

How To Mount GoPro HD Hero2 to Helmet

Here is how I mounted my GoPro HD Hero2 to my helmet for the best POV footage. I call it the “updside down left eye GoPro POV helmet mount” or UDLE (?) GoPro Helmet Mount. Whatever. Anyways, I will do a video soon to show you the steps on how this is done, but I wanted to at least get some pics up to help everyone out in the meantime. What you will see in the pictures is how I screwed up the first time and put the mount on the wrong side of the helmet. For the best POV shot you can get, put the mount on the left side of the helmet (under your left eye) which is the right side when you are looking straight at your helmet.

Once you set the mount  (it’s best to let it set for 24 hours to make sure it sticks) as pictured, then you should line the top of the mount with two strips of black electrical tape. I will have to show this also because it’s simple, but you might not get it without seeing what I am talking about. Do not overlap the tape as that will be too thick – just go 1 strip thick with the strips side by side down in the mount. This will help keep your GoPro from getting those annoying vibrations.

Then you will snap in the “J hook” and attach the other pieces. Forgive me for not remembering if you need extra attachments for this job. I have 2 GoPro video cameras, so I had plenty of attachments to choose from. Follow the pics here to complete the mount.

The last step is to attache the “skeleton case” which will  be mounted to your helmet upside down. This gets the eye of the GoPro closest to the center of your helmet for the best POV. Remember: you must put your GoPro in the “upside down” setting since it will be mounted upside down. This is simple to do, just follow your instructions manual.

How To Mount Drift Mic in your helmet with GoPro

Finally, if you have an external Drift condenser microphone for vlogging or capturing audio (engine noise, etc) then you can plug that into the radio shack adapter and plug that into the GoPro. I highly recommend the Drift condenser microphone with the GoPro by the way. I wrapped the Drift cord around the lining of my helmet and was able to jam the mic into the front mouth vent of the helmet (see pics). I also secured the little foam piece to the mic and the mic to the gator clip with a twisty tie (again, that’s another post to better show you how I did this – coming soon).

I hope this helps you get started if you are daring enough to look at the pics and figure it out as you go. If not, no worries, I will do a video on the steps so that you can follow along and have the best GoPro mount for your helmet!

Thr 8/15/12 update: I did a live vlog/test ride today and will post the footage here tonight so you can see the angle that my UDLE GoPro Mount captures the footage. Standby…

(click the pics for a larger view)

Best Way To Mount GoPro In Helmet

GoPro Mounted To HelmetGoPro Helmet Mount How ToDrift condenser microphone for audio inside helmet

Helmet Mount GoPro HD Hero2

Street Riding Tip: Stopping at Red Lights

Here is an important street riding tip for when you pull up and stop at a red light.

Always continue to look around you for other vehicles and what they are doing:

  1. When coming up on you from behind (are they slowing and stopping?)
  2. Cars turning into the lane behind side you (did they fully make the turn or are they overshooting it some – grannies in big boat Buicks are bad at turning)
  3. Are other motorcyclists trying to come up to you and/or beside you (I’ve even been passed while stopped at a light)
  4. Also, do not turn off your bike or put it into neutral because you may actually have to move, go, pull up, etc depending on emergency situations that may arise

Ride safe out there and remember this street riding tips for motorcyclists because you are always the loser in a crash with the cagers!

R1 Videos Team Headed To Track Day

With a few minor snags in the preparations for a track day coming up on Sunday in College Station, TX, we finally got everything loaded up and ready late tonight. It’s gonna be a hot day out there on the track  come Sunday (if it doesn’t rain) but who cares because after all, IT’S A TRACK DAY!

We plan to come back and put together a complete list of items to bring to your track day because 1. there are a few items you don’t want to leave home without so having this list will make it quick and easy to get everything packed up, and 2. we lost our old list so we need to do a new one anyway. Since we just got in from getting things packed up, here is a preliminary list of things you should consider taking to your track day. Check back later as we will upload a word doc or excel sheet with all the items you should bring to the race track.

List of what to bring to a track day:

  1. Cooler with bottled water (or like the Water Boy says, “High quality H2O”) and Gatorade or other sports drinks with electrolytes – a good idea is to start getting hydrated several days before you plan to hit the track
  2. Folding chairs for resting and hanging out in-between riding sessions
  3. Fan for cooling off and drying off
  4. Extension cord(s) and power strips
  5.  Long sleeve top by Starter brand – go with Starter brand top to save a bit of cash as it works just as well as Under Armour and can be picked up at your local Wal-Mart
  6. Under Armour – full leggings (bottoms) – these will also serve as your undies so you don’t need to wear both (Starter didn’t have the leggins that we could find so we got these from Amazon)
  7. Leathers (1 piece suit recommended but may or may not be mandatory – check with the track day organizers)
  8. Helmet – DOT and SNELL approved highly recommended – don’t bring a $50 lid that was made in a sweat shop by a machine as there really is a difference in top quality, hand-made helmets. We both went with Arai from the professional lid makers in Japan.
  9. Gloves with gauntlets (that cover the wrists) go with leather and get a good quality glove – we chose AlpineStars GP Pro
  10. Boots
  11. Spine protector to wear under leathers – some folks go with a chest protector also
  12. Tall socks – we went with AlpineStars socks that come up to the knee
  13. Painters tape or duct tape (to cover your headlights, taillights, flush-mounted blinkers and to  put the track decal on top)
  14. Bike stands
  15. Gas can(s) with gas – we brought 1 each (also good idea to remember to fill up the bike itself before you load them up in the trailer)
  16. Snacks, beef jerky, power bars and other energy packed foods (trail mix, nuts, etc)
  17. Bring your driver license
  18. Go with a buddy (if you crash, he can pack and bring your stuff and call your family in an emergency)
  19. Bike – some folks have actually forgotten their bikes – no clue how this could happen, but I guess it still does
  20. And for Pete’s sake – DON’T FORGET YOUR MOTORCYCLE KEY!! This happens quite a bit from what I hear.

Better list with more info coming eventually, but this will get you started. Ride safe and have a blast! After all, on the track you can’t get busted by the POlice or Johnny Law or them law dogs, or the hate, or PoPo’s, or the 5-0, or… you get the idea!

Yamaha R1 loaded in Race Trailer for Track Day

How To Change Spark Plugs on Yamaha R1 Video

We finally got our how to video “How To Change Spark Plugs” edited and loaded to YouTube. If you need to know how to remove the mid-fairings (since we started with them already removed), watch the “How To Flush Coolant System” video. You will find that video with all the others on our R1 Videos Page here.

So as you will see, we pull all the spark plugs out at the same time. This is because Todd’s R1 is always kept super clean. This is not really the best way to go about it if your bike isn’t immaculate. To be certain that no dirt or particles will fall down into the engine, it’s best to remove and replace each spark plug one by one. And of course, give your sportbike a good wash and let it fully dry before doing the job!

How To Change Spark Plugs on a Yamaha R1


Something For Our Female Audience

R1Videos has been coming up short when it comes to getting some interesting coverage for our female audience – that sucks, sorry! Yes, 10% (and growing) of our readers are females, but so far, 0% of our content has covered anything for all you gals out there that own, ride, race, or just have an interest in the world of sportbiking. That’s all gonna change because we definitely don’t wanna leave out the ladies!

Megan Wanat CMRA racer
CMRA Racer - Megan Wanat

To get things started off, we were lucky enough to catch up with CMRA racer Megan Wanat who we will be featuring in a series over the course of many posts to come. So while she is busy answering some of our interview questions and filling us in on her journey into the sport of racing and the world of motorcycling, be sure to check out her videos on the DistinctR6 YouTube channel.  There will be plenty more to come so check back!

Also, if you are a female that would like to help educate us all on your love for and experiences in sportbiking, shoot us an email at: Robert at R1Videos . com

Stay visible everyone!

Warp Stabilizer in After Effects CS6 for GoPro Video Editing

Here is a GoPro video editing tip: So you got the GoPro and you took it out for a couple test rides. You think everything is cool, looks pretty good right? Well, that was probably around the block in the neighborhood. Once you hit the highways and various streets and pavements, things can get a bit dicey. The camera vibrates pretty bad at higher speeds like 60-75+. Here is one tip if you are pretty big into editing like we are.

We use Adobe’s Premiere Pro CS5. You can manually edit out all the vibrations and shaking in your footage by hand (if you have the time) in several video editing programs. HOWEVER, if you have the cash (or a teacher to hook you up with the student/educator discount from Adobe) then you can get After Effects 6.0 and remove all the shaky footage in the push of a button. After Effects CS6 does all the work for you automatically so you can have smooth videos (like the somewhat misleading GoPro commercials) with the push of one button. In AE CS6 this tool is called the “Warp Stabilizer” and works like a charm. Once we spring for the update from After Effects CS5 to CS6, we will show you plenty of our new GoPro videos along with a demo on using the Warp Stabilizer. If you have anything less than CS6 and you use Adobe, have fun doing all that work by hand! :(

Stay visible,

Wiski –

GoPro HD Hero2 Latest Firmware Version

Here is the latest verison of the GoPro HD Hero2 firmware:  HD2.08.12.70

How to check the firmware version in your own GoPro:

  1. Plug GoPro into your computer
  2. Go to computer icon > then double click the GoPro device
  3. There you will see 2 folders. Open the folder called “MISC”
  4. You will see a text file called “version” – open this file and it will show you something like this:

“info version”:”1.0″,”firmware version”:”HD2.08.12.70″,”camera type”:”HD2″

This is the version “HD2.08.12.70” – so for mine, the version is V8 . 12. 70

See this post to update your GoPro HD Hero2 firmware!

Party on!

How To Use a GoPro HD Hero2 with a Drift External Condenser Microphone

After many purchases and tests, I have finally figured out how to make the Drift condenser microphone work with the GoPro HD Hero2 (even though Drift tried to say that their microphone only works with the Drift camera) so you can put the mic in your helmet to Vlog your thoughts away while you ride. It’s so simple I feel like an idiot and should have known better. All you need is an adapter from RadioShack to make the 2.5mm Drift male plug into your 3.5mm GoPro female.
Adapter for GoPro Hero2 and Drift condenser external mic
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To install or setup your microphone in your helmet, here are the parts you need:

  1. GoPro HD Hero2 camera
  2. GoPro Camera AHDSH-001 Skeleton Housing for HD Hero Camera
    (exposes the external mic port so you can plug the mic in)
  3. Drift Innovation Drift HD External Clip Mic HDCMIC (this can be bought separately and is made for using inside your helmet) as shown here on Amazon – just click on this image below to get the exact microphone we use in our videos and vloggs. The only place we could find it so far was on Amazon.
  4. RadioShack 3/32″ Stereo Jack to 1/8″ Stereo Plug Adapter (Model: 274-0397)

Excluding the GoPro and the HD Skeleton Housing, you are looking at about $25 for the adapter and mic. Then you will be ready to ride, video, and record audio all at the same time!

Check back as we will be showing you how to best set everything up so you can begin Vlogging your rides and commutes for fun and for safety purposes.


Drift mic + GoPro HD Hero2 + Headset Buddy = Failed

I’ve been testing the GoPro HD Hero2 (3.5mm female) with the Drift helmet microphone (2.5mm male). It doesn’t work (as noted by Drift). After researching tons of converter wires and reading tons of product descriptions and reviews, I finally found one that I thought would work. Headset Buddy. Wrong. It only works on mono mics like a cellphone. Doesn’t not work on GoPro because it’s stereo. Finally found one that says it will work. Ordered it so now I play the waiting game. COME ON GOPRO! NO HELMET MIC?? Somebody let me know when I can just order a condenser mic for inside my helmet when GoPro finally catches up with Drift.

Stay visible,

Robert – Team R1 Videos

How To Remove Seat and Install Seat on R1

So you just switched brands and decided to go with a Yamaha R1. Great choice by the way. And you got it home for the first time and you’re in a rush to look under the seat and under the plastics. Not everyone immediately knows how to take off the seat so to save you the extra minutes of poking around, we went ahead and shot a quick video to show you how to take the seat off and put it back on the right way. For everyone else, we have other videos on our R1 Videos page you might like instead. How To Remove Seat and Install Seat on R1


Using the Drift Microphone with a GoPro

What’s up world? Hope everyone is riding safe out there and enjoying this warmer weather!

I just wanted to let yall know that I am still testing the new GoPro HD Hero2 cameras. I missed a shipment after moving so I am still waiting on the external microphones to arrive in the mail. Once I get them and test them out, we will do a video and post on how to use a Drift (that’s the brand) condenser microphone with the GoPro camera’s external microphone port using the skeleton case. The thing is, the Drift says it’s ONLY compatible with Drift cameras. That’s not true. The problem is that the Drift uses a 2.5 male jack and the GoPro uses a 3.5 female port. So what you have to do is order a small converter wire.

However, not just any converter will do and they all look the same and are generally described the same when you shop for them online. You need one that will convert and transmit sound that is microphone compatible. Most are NOT mic compatible and only do audio sound say when you want to convert the ports for using a headset or earphones. I did find one that I believe will work, but I want to be sure and test it first. Once I do, I’ll do a video review to let everyone know how to get the best microphone (Drift) for using with your GoPro external mic port. I’ll show you the best setup for a mic in your helmet for vlogging and also how to get the best sound from your engine without the clicking and wind sounds. Trust me, I’m doing some extensive testing to show you exactly how to get out there and film and record audio straight out of the box so you don’t have to hunt all over the internet to learn how to set this all up.

More to come. Stay visible. And check back to “Get Your Fix!”

– Robert with Team

GoPro Videos Coming Soon!

Howdy riders and R1 Videos Insiders!

Wanted to let yall know that we have 2 new GoPro HD Hero2 cameras that we plan to shoot with for POV riding, vlogging, safety tips, back roads, track days, and hopefully random stuff we happen to catch on the cams unexpectedly. Don’t worry, we still do our normal production with our XL1s so the “How To” Videos will still remain of the same quality.

We are still getting the mounts in place on the helmet and R1, the mics set up the correct way, and the testing in so we can edit out the shakes and vibrations. We’ll also be showing you how to use the GoPro yourself along with tips and tricks we learn along the way. We will show you how to rig the mics, how to set the mounts, and tips on how to limit the vibrations. We already figured out a trick with electrical tape that secures the cam in the J-hook mount (since the GoPro “nose plug” does not work on the J-hook). Click to see our post below on How To Update the GoPro Firmware in your camera.

More videos to come!

GoPro HD Hero2

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Being safe on your motorcycle is very important, whether you are heading down the road for five minutes or going for a longer ride. So here are some tips that every motorcyclist should follow, in order to ensure that they are as safe as possible at all times while on the road. First of all, wearing the right safety gear is essential and can reduce the risk of serious injury if you do have an accident. The first and most important thing to invest in is a good quality helmet. In order to make sure that you purchase a helmet that is as safe as possible, have a look at the SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) guidelines.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should always make sure that your motorcycle is insured. Sites such as offer motorcycle insurance that you can purchase, and then you can get on with the rest of your preparations. The clothing that you wear should be strong enough to resist a fall onto tarmac while moving, so jeans are not a good idea. Protective jackets, trousers and gloves that are made out of leather are ideal, although there are some other materials emerging that are just as good. You should be wearing sturdy boots that cover your ankles and all of your clothing and gear should be comfortable.

When riding your motorcycle in traffic, be aware of what is going on around you at all times. Make yourself as visible as possible and pay attention to where car drivers are looking. Others may not be as careful as you, so keep that in mind when out on the road and you should be able to avoid having an accident. If necessary, take a course to help you brush up on your motorcycle skills and enjoy being out there on the road.

How To Update GoPro HD Hero2 Firmware

So you have a GoPro HD Hero2 and need to update your firmware. If you go by what the GoPro site says to do (which I tried and their site failed on me), then you might not be able to. You also have to download and install their “CinePro” software. I haven’t heard anything about it, but I’m not a fan of mandatory software installation on my computer just to update some firmware on the GoPro. So here are my quick and dirty notes on how to do it:

Here is the direct link to the GoPro HD Hero2 firmware update (without having to download and install the GoPro software “CinePro”) – just click (or copy and paste) this link, and the download will start. By the way, I did a scan with Avast and it checked out fine.

1. Go to link, download firmware update to your desktop
2. Insert blank SD card in your computer and Copy file over the file from your desktop
3. Eject SD card from computer and put SD card into the GoPro while it (GoPro) is off
4. Hold “S” button (top shutter button) down while pressing “P” power button once
5. Let go of both buttons
6. Press “P” 3 times (you will see your press count on the screen)
7. Once you get to 3 presses, it will automatically update itself and then shutdown

That’s it! Repeat for 2nd GoPro if you have another one.

**Post update:  You can delete the file from the SD card after you do the update (I saved it to my computer for safe keeping should I ever need to reinstall the update) Thanks to Frank for the question!

***Post update #2:  Click on comments for this post (upper right corner of post) to see how to update to the very latest version. Special thanks to pburek for this info! Hint: scroll to longest post in the comments.

****Post update #3:  A commenter asked me to post the actual file (not sure why, as the link above works just fine as of 8/16/12), but here it is anyways. NOTE:  The file here is saved as a word doc. After you download the file to your computer, just change the file name extension from .doc to .bin (or it will not work). Also, the link above and/or this file is for Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you have a MAC, use a buddy’s computer to update your GoPro. Finally, I believe this file is only for the GoPro HD Hero2 (not the original GoPro Hero). 

Click this link to download the April 2012 firmware update for GoPro HD Hero2 without CineForm:

HD2-firmware (rename this file to HD2-firmware.bin for it to work)


R1 Videos – “Get Your Fix!”

How To Change Brake Pads on Yamaha R1

Finally, after a month or so of trying to get this How To Video production out, we finally got it done to help you change your brake pads on your R1 or similar motorcycle with similar brake system. Sorry for the lighting issues. We didn’t have enough light and no time to re-shoot. If you just got your R1 or if you’ve had it for years, we strongly recommend switching out your brake pads. It’s simple to do it yourself and takes less than ten minutes per side. In this video we show you how to change out your brake pads on one side, so just repeat the exact same procedure on the other side. Tools needed: needle nose pliers (curved work better) and possibly a flat head screw driver. You will need to buy 2 sets of break pads (that’s 4 pads total – 2 for each side). We chose DP brand “Sport HH+” pads (green package) this time around because Todd has run them on his 2004 R1 and they kick ass! I’ve been on them now for about 500+ miles and combined with steel braided brake lines (the next video we’re working on) I couldn’t be happier with them. They have awesome initial bite and stop way better and smoother than OEM brake pads. Now here’s the video so you can “Get Your Fix!”

5 Tips For Using a Torque Wrench

You need a torque wrench.

Why? Because lock nuts that are too tight are just as bad as those that are too loose. Loose lock nuts vibrate off and over tightening them can stretch the bolt. When you mod your Yamaha R1 or perform routine maintenance, there are many times when you will need to torque down to a very specific value. See for yourself in the R1 Manuals section. Once you pick one up, come back to this post for these 5 tips for using a torque wrench:

  1. Always keep your torque wrench in a protective case (it’s actually somewhat of a fragile tool)
  2. Get a click type torque wrench and don’t trust torque sticks
  3. A center foot pound range closest to the torque value you need is most accurate – if you need 50 foot pounds then use a torque wrench with a 20 to 80 foot pound range (instead of a 5 to 150 foot pound range for instance)
  4. STOP when it clicks
  5. When you are finished, always put the setting back to the lowest value (leaving it at a high value will make it less accurate over time)

Get your fix,

Team R1 Videos

2012 Race Calendars

We added a new dedicated page to the site to keep all the 2012 race calendars in one easy to find place so you have no excuse to miss out on the action this year. All of this year’s racing schedules for MotoGP, AMA Pro Road Racing, SBK Superbike FIM World Championships, and Isle of Man TT (and links to their sources) can be found here at R1Videos on our Race Calendars page.

Tips for Riding in the Texas Heat

Here are a few motorcycle riding tips for those of you in Texas (or similar weather areas) that just got your sportbike and plan on riding out in the hot sun coming in the summer months ahead:

  1. Gold Bond.
  2. Textile or perforated style riding jacket and don’t buy black (I rock a white and grey Alpinestars textile jacket – it get dirty but so what?)
  3. Sunglasses under your clear helmet visor (so you can pop up your visor as you slow down to stops)
  4. Possibly sunglasses under a tinted visor (clear visors can cause sunburns if you don’t wear sunscreen on your face)
  5. Gloves should be breathable – less protection than the bulky GP style gloves (I save those for the track)
  6. Get a $1 empty spray bottle, fill it with half water half vinegar, spray that onto a cloth and wipe down the inside of your lid. This will clean out the funk, sweat, and smell – no worries, it will NOT leave your lid smelling like vinegar once it dries out.
  7. Wear sunscreen on the back of your neck (I’ve even been sunburned through the small open part where your gloves latch!)
  8. Drink water all day long – you will sweat profusely and more than you realize will evaporate off you as you ride through the heat
  9. Don’t ride too far. I commute 60 miles round trip. 30 mins in 105 degrees is brutal. Stop and drink fluids and cool off in the A/C at the gas station often if you are headed further than that.
  10. What are some of your tips for extremely hot weather riding? Leave them in the comments….

Riding in the hot Texas sun in the heat of Summer is doable for short distances. However it feels like you are riding straight into the Devil‘s hot breath so use these riding tips to help you beat the heat.

Stay Visible,

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