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We are R1Videos.com. A place for the novice or expert to view “how to” videos on everything Yamaha R1. Whether you need a video of a lap around a track, or a tip on how to change your oil and lube your chain, you will find it here. We are just 2 riders that really enjoy helping others with our DIY videos. It would be nice to make a buck or two with our banner ads because this project takes tons of work and time away from our families. However, the little money we hope to make equates to only dollars. Plus we only promote affiliates that we buy from or know to be of top quality. If you appreciate our work, please visit our affiliates using the links on our web pages.

Yes, we must advertise to fund this project. There are many different ways we can do so. Contact us for info. If you are a manufacturer or company, big or small, and looking to advertise or send us your goods for an honest video review and post, then please contact us first through email. We will either showcase it and give it a good review, a constructive review, or will choose not to review it at all. Products sent to us will be accepted – money for favorable or biased reviews will be declined. We are only interested in reviewing quality goods that our global audience will find useful, safe, and a cut above the rest!

We are just getting started so stay tuned and be sure to bookmark us. Here are the official sites for R1Videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. For the full list, visit our Official Sites page.





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Contact us via comments and/or direct at: Robert at R1Videos .com

We will gladly try to answer any and all questions where possible so please drop us a line. Also, please feel free to suggest a How To video for the Yamaha R1 and if possible, we will film it for you and post it as quickly as we can (if we can find a buddy with the same year as the R1 you want us to show you how to work on).

If you choose to sign up for our R1 Videos Insider emails, we will never sell, rent or share your information – – ever. We will send you private links to our videos the minute they are published and before we make them available to the general public.

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