3 New R1 Videos On The Way Soon

Howdy gang. We actually got 3 new videos filmed last week and are still in the process of editing them. R1 Insiders will get access to them first so if you haven’t yet signed up, it’s quick and easy and on the top right side of the homepage. We will never spam you, sell or rent your info, ever. It’s just a way for us to reach out to you when we have something cool to tell you about, a coupon to save you cash at a motorcycle retailer, or some sort of newsletter if we ever get one up and going. Oh yeah, and to let you know when the latest R1 Videos are ready so you can access them first before they go live to the general public!

More blog content coming soon. More pics on our FlickR page, more Pinterest, Facebook, and everything else we can think of to keep you busy with news, updates, and information about the Yamaha R1.

And as always, holler at us directly if you need a tip or help. We get a ton of emails so we do apologize in advance if we take to long to answer your questions. Until this project pays the bills for us, our time is limited. Speaking of which, there is a donate button somewhere on the site! ;)

Yall ride safe and be easy!

Wiski and Todd

PS – we have a long list of videos yall submitted to us so we will always keep working on those – but what else do you want on our sites? There are a ton of ways to interact with us so let us know.