GoPro Videos Coming Soon!

Howdy riders and R1 Videos Insiders!

Wanted to let yall know that we have 2 new GoPro HD Hero2 cameras that we plan to shoot with for POV riding, vlogging, safety tips, back roads, track days, and hopefully random stuff we happen to catch on the cams unexpectedly. Don’t worry, we still do our normal production with our XL1s so the “How To” Videos will still remain of the same quality.

We are still getting the mounts in place on the helmet and R1, the mics set up the correct way, and the testing in so we can edit out the shakes and vibrations. We’ll also be showing you how to use the GoPro yourself along with tips and tricks we learn along the way. We will show you how to rig the mics, how to set the mounts, and tips on how to limit the vibrations. We already figured out a trick with electrical tape that secures the cam in the J-hook mount (since the GoPro “nose plug” does not work on the J-hook). Click to see our post below on How To Update the GoPro Firmware in your camera.

More videos to come!

GoPro HD Hero2

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Being safe on your motorcycle is very important, whether you are heading down the road for five minutes or going for a longer ride. So here are some tips that every motorcyclist should follow, in order to ensure that they are as safe as possible at all times while on the road. First of all, wearing the right safety gear is essential and can reduce the risk of serious injury if you do have an accident. The first and most important thing to invest in is a good quality helmet. In order to make sure that you purchase a helmet that is as safe as possible, have a look at the SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) guidelines.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should always make sure that your motorcycle is insured. Sites such as offer motorcycle insurance that you can purchase, and then you can get on with the rest of your preparations. The clothing that you wear should be strong enough to resist a fall onto tarmac while moving, so jeans are not a good idea. Protective jackets, trousers and gloves that are made out of leather are ideal, although there are some other materials emerging that are just as good. You should be wearing sturdy boots that cover your ankles and all of your clothing and gear should be comfortable.

When riding your motorcycle in traffic, be aware of what is going on around you at all times. Make yourself as visible as possible and pay attention to where car drivers are looking. Others may not be as careful as you, so keep that in mind when out on the road and you should be able to avoid having an accident. If necessary, take a course to help you brush up on your motorcycle skills and enjoy being out there on the road.

How To Update GoPro HD Hero2 Firmware

So you have a GoPro HD Hero2 and need to update your firmware. If you go by what the GoPro site says to do (which I tried and their site failed on me), then you might not be able to. You also have to download and install their “CinePro” software. I haven’t heard anything about it, but I’m not a fan of mandatory software installation on my computer just to update some firmware on the GoPro. So here are my quick and dirty notes on how to do it:

Here is the direct link to the GoPro HD Hero2 firmware update (without having to download and install the GoPro software “CinePro”) – just click (or copy and paste) this link, and the download will start. By the way, I did a scan with Avast and it checked out fine.

1. Go to link, download firmware update to your desktop
2. Insert blank SD card in your computer and Copy file over the file from your desktop
3. Eject SD card from computer and put SD card into the GoPro while it (GoPro) is off
4. Hold “S” button (top shutter button) down while pressing “P” power button once
5. Let go of both buttons
6. Press “P” 3 times (you will see your press count on the screen)
7. Once you get to 3 presses, it will automatically update itself and then shutdown

That’s it! Repeat for 2nd GoPro if you have another one.

**Post update:  You can delete the file from the SD card after you do the update (I saved it to my computer for safe keeping should I ever need to reinstall the update) Thanks to Frank for the question!

***Post update #2:  Click on comments for this post (upper right corner of post) to see how to update to the very latest version. Special thanks to pburek for this info! Hint: scroll to longest post in the comments.

****Post update #3:  A commenter asked me to post the actual file (not sure why, as the link above works just fine as of 8/16/12), but here it is anyways. NOTE:  The file here is saved as a word doc. After you download the file to your computer, just change the file name extension from .doc to .bin (or it will not work). Also, the link above and/or this file is for Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you have a MAC, use a buddy’s computer to update your GoPro. Finally, I believe this file is only for the GoPro HD Hero2 (not the original GoPro Hero). 

Click this link to download the April 2012 firmware update for GoPro HD Hero2 without CineForm:

HD2-firmware (rename this file to HD2-firmware.bin for it to work)


R1 Videos – “Get Your Fix!”

How To Change Brake Pads on Yamaha R1

Finally, after a month or so of trying to get this How To Video production out, we finally got it done to help you change your brake pads on your R1 or similar motorcycle with similar brake system. Sorry for the lighting issues. We didn’t have enough light and no time to re-shoot. If you just got your R1 or if you’ve had it for years, we strongly recommend switching out your brake pads. It’s simple to do it yourself and takes less than ten minutes per side. In this video we show you how to change out your brake pads on one side, so just repeat the exact same procedure on the other side. Tools needed: needle nose pliers (curved work better) and possibly a flat head screw driver. You will need to buy 2 sets of break pads (that’s 4 pads total – 2 for each side). We chose DP brand “Sport HH+” pads (green package) this time around because Todd has run them on his 2004 R1 and they kick ass! I’ve been on them now for about 500+ miles and combined with steel braided brake lines (the next video we’re working on) I couldn’t be happier with them. They have awesome initial bite and stop way better and smoother than OEM brake pads. Now here’s the video so you can “Get Your Fix!”